What Is Virtual Reality Fitness?

What Is Virtual Reality Fitness?

What Is Virtual Reality Fitness?

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My current favorite VR fitness game is Beat Saber and Boxing, which offers a variety of programming for boxing and dancing, ranging from beginner-level to advanced training. If you want to get your gym jolts in and learn a few virtual exercises, these are the VR games we recommend. VR fitness games give an entirely new meaning to at-home exercise, making it much more enjoyable and engaging than following along to a video tutorial. In addition to being entertaining, the VR fitness space is growing exponentially.  


With this type of technology, it is not hard to consider the potential for entering a virtual reality fitness space without having to weigh a bulky device down as you box, dance, and jiggle through your workouts focused on high-intensity interval training. If you never liked going to the gym, or you have trouble staying focused during more traditional at-home exercises, VR offers an excellent means to blend fitness with your entertainment at home, making it a perfect option. VR allows for a setting that feels like nothing else, and is capable of taking you to a world where exercise becomes enjoyable and engaging instead of seeming drab and complicated. Virtual reality can be used for a variety of purposes, like healthcare and research, education, entertainment, and, yes, physical fitness.  


VR helps fitness just like it helps other types of training, says Derek Belch, founder and CEO of Strivr VR Company. In tests, a team from the Virtual Reality Health & Exercise Institute (VRHI) found popular VR fitness apps could be as intense as conventional real-world training. While dedicated VR fitness apps such as Supernatural and FitXR are our first port of call, you can surprisingly get some workouts in casually through the bunch of games below. Similar to most online games, VR fitness has similar opportunities for connecting with your friends, making new ones, and getting some exercise while working towards your own health and fitness goals.  


Much like the Ninja, when you strap onto an Oculus Quest 2 and begin playing VR fitness games, you can sneakily build up shape, bolster muscles, burn calories, and enhance cardiovascular conditioning. get your blood pumping while playing. The kind of workout experience that you are getting out of FitXR right now means you are getting hopped up on, going through a fitness route, getting an awesome aerobic workout. Put on the VR headset, download a suitable game, and you are suddenly sparring in the boxing ring or skiing the Swiss Alps, says Aaron Stanton, the founder and director of the Virtual Reality Institute for Health & Exercise, an independent research organization launched in 2017 to explore the effects of VR and AR technologies on fitness

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