What Is The Difference Between Building And Buying Your Own Custom Gaming Computer?

What Is The Difference Between Building And Buying Your Own Custom Gaming Computer?

What Is The Difference Between Building And Buying Your Own Custom Gaming Computer 

What Is The Difference Between Building And Buying Your Own Custom Gaming Computer? 


Getting a computer that is already built is a better choice for those that are not really into the more technical parts of building PCs. In general, building your own PC gives you far more options on what you want your system to have than buying it does. More specifically, building your own rig offers several advantages over buying a prebuilt one. Building your own rig gives you a lot more options, since you literally get to pick from any and all parts on the market in order to customise your rig to your hearts content, all at a fraction of what most changes on a prebuilt will cost you.


One of the biggest advantages to building your own PC is being able to basically pick every single component of your system by hand. By building a PC out of components, you get to choose which parts best fit the PC system that you want. While technically, you could purchase components for a system-integrated PC and build a rig on your own, the added value of the systems integrator is their experience choosing parts and building the parts together. A system integrator is a company that builds computers using off-the-shelf equipment, instead of making its own parts and PCs.  


Computer manufacturers purchase components in bulk, making substantial cost savings in the process. Retail prices for computer parts can be steep, driving up the final cost of the pre-built PC, too. In addition, manufacturers frequently hold sales, which can make buying a pre-built machine considerably cheaper than building one. You may think building your own is always much cheaper, but remember, OEMs and boutique PC builders typically have components available for lower prices than you.  


Building a PC actually will save you money over the long term, as you probably will not have to change or repair components as frequently as with pre-built ones. Another thing that is going to put some people off building a PC is the fact that the computer building process is harder and comes with a lot of liability compared to buying a pre-built or a custom-built system. If you want a new PC and you do not have time to learn how to build one yourself, or do not want to wait the lengthy wait times that are associated with having a custom-built system built for you (or to pay extra money to reduce wait times), then going with a pre-built system is likely to be the better choice. If you have never built a computer before, you are probably going to spend a couple hours building your first system.  

Building your own PC may be cheaper, more fulfilling, and offers more customization. When considering purchasing desktop computers, one typically considers building your own PC, or purchasing a pre-built computer. Building a PC. The nice thing about Built PCs is that all of the components are designed together, and are slightly cheaper than buying a Built PC or building one yourself from the same parts. Pre-built systems are a compelling choice for people who are not concerned about minute details about each component of their build (such as manufacturer and finer specifications like RAM speeds

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