Things Every Mars Lover Should Know

Things Every Mars Lover Should Know

planet mars

Things Every Mars Lover Should Know

Mars is the fourth largest in our solar system. Mars is a cold desert planet with water ice caps on its surface. The name “Mars” comes from the Roman god of war, and the planet has been a source of fascination for as long as humans have had an appreciation for astronomy.

Mars is the brightest object in the night sky and is the most widely recognized symbol of war, aggression, and violence. The Red Planet has been a target for space exploration since its discovery by Galileo in 1610. At that time, many scientists thought that Mars had canals or resembled a whale. Today, however, we know that there are volcanoes on Mars as well as plenty of other fascinating facts about this fascinating planet. Mars is the most widely recognized symbol of war, aggression, and violence. In movies such as “War Games” and “Red Planet”, Mars represents an alien world where humans are enslaved or subjugated by vicious creatures known as Thargoids.


Some conspiracy theorists believe that NASA established a secret base on Mars run by lizard people called hybrids or Greys. Since humans have fought each other since time began, it’s no wonder that this association exists— although we shouldn’t perpetuate these ideas! Mars is the most widely recognized symbol of war, aggression, and violence; it has become so ingrained in our minds that removing this association can be difficult. Popular culture has perpetuated these ideas through television shows such as “Fringe” which feature Martians controlling human beings via their technology through subconscious means. This concept can also be seen in movies such as “The War of the Worlds” where aliens disguised as Martians invade Earth causing widespread panic among humans at that time.

Since ancient times, mariners have sailed to explore this mysterious planet known as Mars— and they still do today! As far back as 1877, Mars was described by poet Edgar Allan Poe as a planet of ice without sunshine or love. However Henry David Thoreau compared Earth to a moon orbiting a sun forever hidden from us— comparing Earth to a cold and barren moon eclipsed by a fiery solar orb forever warm and full of life! We should recognize both our cold and hot planets; both our Earths — which may one day become one with our Martian brethren!

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