The Reason Why Mobile Gaming Is Everyone's Obsession in 2022

The Reason Why Mobile Gaming Is Everyone's Obsession in 2022

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The Reason Why Mobile Gaming Is Everyone's Obsession in 2022

Mobile gaming has been one of the biggest trends in the past several years, and it is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.




In fact, it's only getting stronger.


The reason why mobile gaming is growing so rapidly is because of the way we play games these days. As technology advances, so does the way we consume media. With the advent of in-game ads, as well as microtransactions, mobile gaming has become even easier to access and play. It is also no longer a hassle to be on the move while playing a game.


Just how much has the popularity of mobile gaming grown?


In 2015 alone, the number of players using mobile devices increased by over 170%!


Right now, over 80% of American adults own a smartphone. in 2022, that number is expected to be over 90%. With so many people adopting smartphones, it's no wonder that mobile gaming is becoming such a huge focus for developers and publishers.


In fact, the number of mobile gamers is only expected to climb in the next few years. Here are a few reasons why this trend is expected to continue.


More people are playing games on the go


The number of mobile gamers has grown exponentially over the years thanks to mobile devices becoming more powerful and easier to use. Adding to this trend, mobile devices are also getting lighter and sleeker. Hence, they are now easier to carry around than ever before.


These days, there are several mobile gaming apps that have gained a lot of popularity. What is even more important, they have been able to make a big impact on many people's lives.



It is also interesting to note that the popularity of mobile gaming has been so strong that it has actually earned the attention of many people in the country. This is because mobile games can be found in almost every person's device these days.!


Why is this growth in revenue for mobile gaming happening? One word: accessibility. Whether you're a gamer on the go or looking for a fun way to keep your child entertained, mobile gaming lets you take your favorite games with you wherever you go.



Whether you're playing your favorite game on an iPhone or Android phone, you can take advantage of the device's portability to play games wherever you are. And, with new games being constantly added to the app stores, players never have to worry about getting bored.

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