Signs You Need To Take A Mental Health Day

Signs You Need To Take A Mental Health Day

signs you need a mental break

Signs You Need To Take A Mental Health Day

f you are doubting whether it is necessary, chances are it will be for the best - but if you need a little extra convincing, here are some signs that it might be time for you to take that much-needed break. If you wake up in the morning and simply feel like you cannot handle the pressures of the day, this might be the perfect time to take a mental-health day and take full advantage. Between family life, work commitments, and all the things going on around the world, a persons personal life can take its toll on their psychological and emotional wellbeing, making a mental health day a must.   


We know it is good to take some time out of your schedule to care for your mental health when you are feeling down. Experts say overwork and needing mental-health days may also show up in your physical health, like feeling tired all the time, getting sick frequently, or experiencing headaches. While one day may not fix the heavy-duty, root-cause issues leading to burnout, a mental health day can offer the necessary rest for you to take a breather, regroup, and return with higher energy levels and a fresher, less stressed outlook. Sometimes taking a mental health day--a rest day that is focused specifically on relieving stress and preventing burnout--is the best thing you can do for yourself.



Sometimes taking a mental health day -- a day off specifically dedicated to giving your mental and emotional health a little is equally important, allowing you to disconnect from the exhausting stresses of daily life and detach yourself from those stresses, which can eventually cause serious health problems when they are not addressed appropriately. It is critical that you get breaks during your workday, and make time for yourself. Even if you regularly work from home, it may also be necessary to have an off-day from work-related tasks. If you are constantly getting pulled into work-related distractions, taking a day off to reboot may be the way to go.   


It is important to know it is okay to take the day off to care for yourself. If you are suffering from fever or a stomach flu, taking the day off work to rest and recuperate is not a big deal. When you are feeling sick, whether it is with a fever, a cough, or nausea, it is easy to know that you should take a day off.   

When you begin to notice one or two of these thoughts or symptoms sneaking up, step back and take a day off. Taking care of your mental health is something that you can do every day, but sometimes, you have to take an entire day off of work and other obligations in order to get the treatment that you need. You might feel lonely or isolated as well.a Silva suggests taking charge of your emotional health by talking with a mental health professional about what may be going on in your life; this may actually be a great use of your mental health day.


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