How to Improve at Video Games In 60 Minutes - The 10 Essential Tips

How to Improve at Video Games In 60 Minutes - The 10 Essential Tips


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How to Improve at Video Games In 60 Minutes - The 10 Essential Tips

New to video games? Or maybe you've been playing for a while but want to become an even better player? Whatever your gaming level, you can improve faster by focusing on specific aspects of your game play than others. If you're looking to improve your game play in the next 60 minutes, the answer is yes. The right tips will help you become a better video gamer in just about any amount of time that you have available.

Train for Specific Events and Moves

The biggest mistakes players make are trying to pick up video games as a hobby at the same level of one who has been practicing for years. You need to train and develop specific skills that will help you become a better player. One of these is your tactile sense. This allows you to pick out details like an enemy's movement or a useful item in the distance. A good way to practice your tactile sense is to get a baseball bat and work on your aim with it. Another great tip is to make sure you're playing at the correct level for your own skill level. Often, people don't know how to adjust their game settings to match their own ability.


Embrace the grind

Being a great video gamer doesn't happen overnight. If you spend all your time perfecting a few moves and then struggling against even a single player, you'll never make any real progress. The best way to improve is to simply keep playing. There are going to be days when you mess up, get frustrated, and throw your controller across the room. That's okay. It's part of the process. Pick it up, reset, and keep going. One important thing to keep in mind is that you're not going to get better simply by playing games or practicing. You're going to get better if you use the time well.


Don't be afraid to reset

As you improve, you're going to encounter players who are better than you. This is normal and simply means that you need to reset and start all over again. Resetting is not giving up. It's about finding something new to work on. When you get stuck on a problem, instead of trying to solve it, reset, and try something new. Resetting doesn't mean starting from a low skill level. It means taking a few minutes to remind yourself what you're trying to accomplish and how to accomplish it.


Be Observant

What are you doing while you're playing your video games? Are you actually paying attention to what you're doing? This is important because if you're not paying attention, you're not going to notice things like your own mistakes and how they're affecting the game. You might be wondering how you could possibly notice something you didn't notice the first time. Visual attention is when you scan your environment while you're playing a game. Pay attention to where items are on the screen, where your character is, and what your opponents are doing. If you notice something that you could have done better, you might be able to adjust your play and improve in a couple of minutes.


Take breaks and stretch

One of the best ways to stay fresh, relaxed, and ready for more when you're in the middle of a tough video game session, is to take a break. Resting your hands, taking a drink, and even just standing up and walking around will help you to get your mind off the game and back on relaxing. Stretching will help you to relax your muscles, reduce stress, and increase blood flow. While you're resting, you might also want to try a few light exercises to help you maintain your strength, flexibility, and balance.


Invest in a Controller You Use Regularly

If you're playing on a console and have a controller you use regularly, it can feel like an extension of your own hands. This can help you to notice things like where your enemies are, determine your own speed, and look for items. Consoles with a d-pad can be difficult because they don't have a thumb stick. This can make it harder to control movement. A good controller, on the other hand, has a button or buttons that are placed near the thumb or index finger. This makes controlling movement easier because it's similar to how you would control a regular object. If you use a controller on the computer, invest in the one you'll use regularly. But, you can also try mapping keys to your computer. This might help you to map movement to the keys instead of a controller.

Play with Good Partners

Practicing with a friend, a partner, or a coach can help you to pick up social aspects of video gaming. Having a partner also makes it easier for you to schedule regular practice sessions. If you do it alone, you're likely to get bored, tired, and frustrated. You can practice together and help each other out with specific aspects of the game.

Practice makes perfect

If you want to get better at anything, you need to practice.

Learn From Your Mistakes

One of the biggest challenges in becoming better is simply learning from your mistakes. What did you do wrong? How can you improve from here? These are the types of questions that should be running through your head. What you do next is up to you. You can try to figure out what went wrong or start working on correcting it. Be careful, though.


There are no short cuts to becoming a better video gamer. You need to invest the time in practice and make sure you're learning from your mistakes. You also need to be aware of your own skill level, adjust your settings, and choose a controller that's right for you. These tips will help you improve your video game skills. The more time you put into transforming yourself into a better player, the better it's going to feel.

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