How Does Gaming Affect Your Posture ?

How Does Gaming Affect Your Posture ?

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How Does Gaming Affect Your Posture ?



On this page, we are going to take a look at optimal body positioning for playing posture. Gaming posture is incredibly important considering how much time gamers spend sitting. There is definitely a more appropriate way to sit, one that may help mitigate the risks of prolonged, seated gaming posture. Due to the effects sitting has on your posture, it is crucial that you set up your gaming room with a chair that helps to enhance your posture.  


When playing in a seated position, your chair needs to provide back support, allowing you to sit tall and with your feet flat to the floor. You cannot hold the right playing position for too long, so try sitting with your feet crossed a little, or recline the chair so that your body is not sitting so far. Correcting poor posture while playing video games requires users to sit tall with their legs bent at 90 degrees, to avoid having their body hunched over. Sitting in poor posture causes muscular tension, the most common cause of lower back pain.   


Poor posture causes our postural muscles to strain too much, and it may even make them weaker by holding them in a position for long periods. Work, standing, or sitting may be harder to do even for people who have bad posture. Poor posture, which is something that a lot of gamers experience, makes injuries worse. For gamers, treating lower back pain may be tricky because sitting is inevitable.   

When playing video games, gamers with sore muscle soreness may help relieve some pain by adjusting their posture. Taking more frequent breaks while playing games and stretching the muscles may decrease the amount of pain in your neck and back.

Unfortunately, while gaming, you are sitting down for long periods of time, which affects your posture and causes back, neck, and other problems. If you are not maintaining a good posture for a long time, you can feel pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, and lower back.   

Many problems caused by bad posture can be avoided if you have the proper gaming gear and guidelines to sit properly. Good posture can greatly enhance your gaming experience as well as overall game performance. Follow our tips below to customize your PC Gaming Setup to have better posture.   


When we break down posture, we are looking at the whole individual from the bottom up, with every body part being important to try and keep healthy and well when sitting down to play. Proper positioning of the monitor impacts your neck position (and, by extension, shoulders and back), reducing eye strain, and setting yourself up for healthy posture. In addition, decreased flexibility, a bad working environment, improper working posture, and unhealthy sitting and standing habits also can lead to bad body positioning



This information is for educational purposes only and if you’re having back or posture issues, please contact your doctor or a specialist

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