Here's How I Crypto And Mental Health In 2022

Here's How I Crypto And Mental Health In 2022

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Here's How I Crypto And Mental Health In 2022



Let's talk about crypto and mental health. You see, there are a lot of people in the crypto space who don't think this is an issue. They'll tell you that trading is easy, or that all you need to do is sit down at your computer and wait for bags of money to arrive via overnight delivery. But they're wrong: trading isn't easy, and there are many factors outside of our control that can impact our success as traders. But there's no reason why we should let them get us down! After all, we're not just playing around with cryptocurrency here - we're investing real money into something we believe will change the world for the better - so why not take care of ourselves while we do it?


Be present.

One of the main things I've learned is to be present.This includes being aware of your surroundings, avoiding multitasking, and avoiding distractions.

 I'm sure you can think back to a time when you were so focused on what you were doing that everything else just fell away. It's an amazing feeling!

 It's also a good idea not to let your mind wander too much and get distracted by things that don't matter or help you achieve your goals.

 Be healthy.


Eat a balanced diet.


Get enough sleep.


Exercise regularly, but don't overdo it (if you're not used to exercising, start with walking a few times a week).


Drink plenty of water throughout the day—at least 8 glasses per day is recommended by most sources.


Avoid alcohol and caffeine in general (your body will be able to handle them well if you need them occasionally when out at dinner or something like that).


Seek support.


When you’re feeling overwhelmed, seek support.


It doesn't have to be people you know. You can find help from the following:


Friends and family


Other traders (you can make friends with other crypto traders on Discord or Facebook groups)


Therapists, coaches, doctors and religious leaders who specialize in mental health issues


Financial advisors (crypto advisors are not always licensed financial planners)


Find something to laugh about.


Laughter is the best medicine. That's a well-known fact, and it's especially true in the crypto community. With all of the negativity surrounding cryptocurrencies, it can be hard to remember that there are people out there who are trying to make this world a better place through their work with blockchain technology. Take your mind off of the doom and gloom by finding funny tweets or memes on Twitter, or by watching comedy shows like "The Daily Show" or "Last Week Tonight."


If you don't want to laugh at other people's jokes, then laugh at yourself! Try making your own joke about how cryptocurrencies are going up in value every day—and then see if someone else can top yours! If they do, just keep laughing until they get tired and go away.


Stop and smell the roses.


Stop and smell the roses.


Take a break from the computer.


Look at the stars, clouds, trees and ocean (if you can see them).


Look at birds, flowers and the moon – if it's a full moon it'll be extra special!


Listen to music


Listening to music can be a great distraction and help you relax. Music can also help you focus, feel less alone, and feel less anxious or depressed.


I listen to music when I’m working on my computer or doing chores around the house. Sometimes I wear headphones; other times, I just put the volume up loud enough that it drowns out everything else happening around me so that I don’t have to think about anything else besides the song playing in my earbuds.




Another way to practice self-care is through meditation. Meditation can help you to focus on the present, overcome negative thoughts and be more mindful.


Meditation helps you work through your emotions by allowing you to just sit and feel them without having an immediate reaction or response. It also allows some time for reflection on what is going on in your life, which can be very beneficial if you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the changes happening at once.


It’s important not to get frustrated if a meditation session doesn’t go well; everyone has different needs and styles when it comes to meditation so what works for someone else may not work for you! A lot of people find practicing mindfulness at specific times during their day helpful instead of doing long sessions every day - try different things until something sticks!


Sleep well


Sleep is a human necessity. It’s as important to our health and well-being as food, water and air. While it might not seem like it when you’re lying awake in bed on a Sunday night, getting enough quality sleep is essential for your mental health and productivity.


Sleep helps us process information from the day before so we can learn from our mistakes. It helps us recharge — physically and emotionally — so that we’re able to take on new challenges with vigor when we wake up again in the morning.


How much sleep do you need? That depends on your age: Adults between ages 18 and 60 should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night; children who are six months old through 13 years old should get 10-12 hours; adolescents 14 through 17 years old should get 8-10 hours; babies 0 through 2 months need 12-16 hours total per 24 hour period; infants 3 through 11 months need 14-15 hours total per 24 hour period; toddlers 1 year old or older need 12 hours total per 24 hour period (if they nap); preschoolers 2 years old or older need 11-13 hours total per 24 hour period (if no naps).


Exercise, but don't overdo it.


You've probably heard that exercising is good for your mental health. That's for good reason: it helps you relax, sleep better, focus and stay positive—all of which are important factors in maintaining mental health.


It also helps relieve stress by releasing endorphins into your bloodstream that boost your mood. You'll feel more energized after a workout than before it, so it's easier to get things done during the day!


The goal here isn't to overwork yourself or cause injuries; just do what feels good for you at this time in your life.



 Journaling is a great way to get your feelings out, stay organized, focus on the positive and reflect on your progress. It's also an excellent accountability tool if you're working toward any goals. As a crypto trader, I can attest that journaling will help you keep track of all trades in one place as well as allow you to look back at earlier entries and see how far you've come since then.


Having good mental health is crucial to your success as a crypto trader. A healthy mind can help you make better trading decisions and avoid the common pitfalls of trading, be it overtrading, market sentiment or trading without a plan in place.


Having good mental health is crucial to your success as a crypto trader. A healthy mind can help you make better trading decisions and avoid the common pitfalls of trading, be it overtrading, market sentiment or trading without a plan in place.


A strong mental health can also help you avoid more serious issues like depression and anxiety, which can be debilitating for traders.


Let's look at some common symptoms that may indicate an unhealthy mind


Disorganisation: Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information coming at you? Do you have trouble prioritising tasks? Are your emails piling up due to lack of time management? This could indicate poor organisation skills that could impact your trading results. Avoiding this problem will take some planning ahead - before each day starts, schedule time for email management or any other tasks that require time management skills (for example setting up alerts on Telegram groups). By managing these distractions early on in the day they won't hinder progress later on in the day when important decisions need to be made about trades!



I’m not a doctor, but I have been trading for over three years now and I believe these strategies will help you stay on track with your mental health. If you follow these tips, then I can guarantee they will improve your trading and make it easier for you to reach your goals in the long term.




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