4 Things Love And Video Games Have In Common

4 Things Love And Video Games Have In Common

love and video games

4 Things Love And Video Games Have In Common

Video games truly resonate with people and have a profound effect on players. There are so many ways gaming has changed our culture as a whole, and has had a major impact on society over the last few decades. From helping us escape from reality, to encouraging us to creatively let our minds wander, video games have provided countless benefits to society as a whole. Even the most cynical of people can recognize video games’ value to the culture at large, and not just those within the gaming industry itself. Whether you play for fun or for competition, there are certain universal truths about love and video games that everyone can relate to in their own way. 

Love is about helping others.

As gamers, we’re all pretty familiar with the concept of “helping others”. Whether it’s through charity events like Mega Fair or the National Dog Show, or simply by lending an ear to those who need it, helping others has always been an important part of the gaming community. One of the most surprising ways “helping others” relates to love is by helping us understand ourselves better. How do we feel about ourselves? What are our strengths and weaknesses? Why do we do the things we do? All of these things are essential to finding happiness in life, which is why we should all be trying to find ways to help others better understand themselves. Helping others can be as simple as teaching others how to do a certain technique, or just by listening to someone and giving them a shoulder to cry on. As simple as it may sound, this kind of self-improvement has a tremendous impact on your happiness and relationships.

 Love is about exploration.

As gamers, we’re all pretty familiar with exploring new and exciting worlds. Whether it be through a first person perspective or an open third person view, exploring new worlds is a core part of many gamers’ gaming experience. As humans, we’re all curious creatures. When we’re young, this curiosity often manifests itself in exploring our immediate environment, but as we grow older, we begin to branch out and explore our surrounding world in greater detail. In the same way, gaming serves as a gateway to many unexplored experiences in the real world, giving us a unique perspective on our own life. Exploring new areas of the mind, finding new interests, and trying new things are all part of the way we grow as a person. As gamers, gaming can help us branch out and explore new areas of ourselves that we may not have otherwise. Gaming provides an opportunity for us to experience new things, think about them in different ways, and possibly learn new things along the way.


Love is about teamwork.

Before we get too deep into the heart of the matter, we should address the elephant in the room: why would anyone think love is about teamwork? This may be one of the most puzzling things about this article so far. Well, the answer lies within the concept of teamwork itself. We’ve all had those experiences with friends or family where we help each other out in a time of need, or where you’ve helped them in return. This is simply the idea of “helping others” on a much larger scale. And, if we dig a little deeper, we’ll see that teamwork is a core experience in love as well. How many times have you had to work together with your significant other (spouse, significant other in game, etc.) to accomplish something? This is simply the larger scale version of helping others. Whether it’s tackling a huge goal together, or simply trying to clean up the house while they’re out of town, teamwork is a key part of many relationships.

Love is about perseverance.

For most gamers, perseverance is likely to be one of the first concepts that comes to mind when thinking about love. No surprise here. Simply put, perseverance is the ability to keep trying when something seems impossible. It’s about pushing yourself past your comfort zones and reaching for the stars despite the obstacles that may be blocking your path. In the same way, perseverance is a key part of many relationships. Whether it’s sticking together through the ups and downs in a relationship, or simply holding onto hope when your significant other is being stubborn, perseverance is a key part of many relationships. Many times, this type of perseverance can be traced back to loving someone who is stubborn and who doesn’t want to change. But, perseverance is a core part of many relationships, regardless of the relationship type.



Love is about learning and growing.

This one may seem a bit out of place at first, but once you start thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense. As gamers, we’re all very familiar with the concept of “growth” in video games. Whether it’s the player character going from being a young boy to a man, or from a weakling to a strong warrior, we’ve all seen this concept on a very large scale in games. And, if we think about it for a moment, we can see that “growth” is a core part of many relationships as well. Whether it’s in the form of learning new skills or pushing yourself past your comfort zones, many relationships can be traced back to learning new things and growing as a person. This can apply to many different aspects of a relationship, whether it’s in the relationship itself or outside of it.

 Summing up

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that love is a constantly evolving experience. And, while we may not be able to fully explain love with words, video games can help us better understand that concept. These are just a few of the many ways that video games have helped us better understand love and the people we share our lives with, and we hope they can help you as well. Thanks for reading.

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